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Make the future of the company better.BBA on CLOUD focuses on improving business performane, matching organization and human resources, increasing employee motivation, and correlation

BBA is a Business Behavior Assessment tool which diagnoses from the perspective of performance, motivation and risk management, and visualize the problems and characteristics of the organization.

Three reassurance based on data from assessment results and business behavior science.精神科医と組織コンサルが共同開発したからできる3つの安心

1.Behavioral characteristics are quantified with deviation values based on diagnostic data from the past 10 years.1.Behavioral characteristics are quantified with deviation values based on diagnostic data from the past 10 years.

It is possible to compare with other companies by the deviation score based on the data of about 600 companies and 200,000 people over the past 10 years. It also reveals the different characteristics of the organization in each department and branch. In addition, the strengths that you have grasped with your senses and the weaknesses that you have been vaguely aware of will become clearer.

2.Question structure based on organizational psychology2.Question structure based on organizational psychology

We find a sign of accidents and troubles from multiple angles, including department, age and gender.

3.Understanding the points directly linked to improvement of business performance3.Understanding the points directly linked to improvement of business performance

BBA indicators are recognized as being linked to business performance. (The Japanese Business Association of Behavior Science announced in 2008)


Assessment items of BBA
Basic function
Monitoring function
Measure "blind spots and gloom in the organization" by organizing and objectifying operations and sharing information
Communication function
Measure whether there is sufficient communication and organizational integration supported by empathy
Knowledge function
Measure learning and wisdom sharing about change through day-to-day operations and dealing with customers
Employee satisfaction
Fulfillment of work
Measure job worth doing and satisfaction
Trust of company
Measure the satisfaction and trust people have with the company
Reaction of stress
Measure the presence of mental and physical stress
Compliance cognition
Basic risk・information leakage risk
Customer loss risk・accident occurrence risk
Scandal occurrence risk
Measure compliance penetration rate and risk occurrence rate in the workplace

Since it is a cloud system, you can take the test anytime anywhere.

You can take an examination with a computer, tablet or smartphone, so you can choose the time and place as long as you have an internet environment.

Since it is a cloud system, you can take the test anytime anywhere.

If you do not have an internet environment, you can also take the mark sheet test.

If you do not have an internet environment, you can take an examination using a special mark sheet.

If you do not have an internet environment, you can also take the mark sheet test.


Multifaceted reporting content

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The whole picture is shown in bar graphs and radar charts with deviation values. The characteristics of organizational behavior can be compared with other companies. It also automatically determines from 16 organization types whether each department or division is such a type of organization.
Company organization behavioral characteristics
Detailed behavioral characteristics are expressed in numerical values (deviation values) for each unit of analysis, such as "department" and "division", as well as "age", "years of service", and "gender", and are visualized.
Organizational behavior characteristics by aggregation unit
You can check the deviation values of managers and general employees for each aggregate unit. You can also check the satisfaction level of general employees and trends in their responses to the perceived risk items.
Correlation diagram
It is possible to check how each item of "Behavioral Characteristics," "Risk Perception Items," and "Satisfaction" correlates with each other.

Download the report from the cloud management screen

You can download the report in PDF format from the cloud management screen.

Download the report from the cloud management screen

Assessment and improvement by organizational behavior consultant

Our partners, who are certified as "Organizational Behavioral Consultants" by the Business Behavior Assessment Consultant Association, will diagnose the results and propose improvement measures.

Effect of BBA adoption

CS ranks 3 in Japan

Company A
Why did you use it?
“wanted to analyze the reason why sales performance differs for each branch. Wanted to raise the bottom line of a branch with low performance.”
After the implementation.
It became clear that there was a communication difference between the branches. We decided to formulate and instruct the sales policy in a more suitable manner by devising the “communication.” In addition, we thoroughly train the branch that has lowest customer satisfaction ranking by prefecture. By conducting management training according to the situation, we succeeded in raising it to 3rd place in Japan.

Unprofitable stores to「0」

Compay B
Why did you use it?
“Rebuilding the company's management led by banks. Wanted to analyze the difference between stores that perform well and those that do not.”
After the implementation.
Grasp and analyze what internal factors are affecting the stores that perform well and those that perform poorly. We implemented individual measures to improve the performance of each store and achieved an unprofitable store "0".

Turnover rate 25%→3%

Company C
Why did you use it?
“Staffing shortages have become chronic due to the continuous turnover of license holders. The entire company was falling apart due to a lack of uniformity, and drastic measures were needed.”
After the implementation.
Communication gaps in different organizations were found to be the cause of turnover. By improving the organization that lacks communication, it succeeded in improving the high turnover rate of 25% per year to 3%.

Case of Company A who took measures after BBA (Listed IT company)

Changes business performance Before 1st year measures After 3rd year measures
Return on investment 9.1% 16.0%
Return on equity 9.9% 13.1%
Ordinary profit ratio 5.3% 7.2%
Examples of measures taken based on the assessment
  • Thoroughly organized the company and improved the accuracy of the management cycle.
    (putting in order and check progress)
  • Held a study session on the company’s philosophy and policies. (vision sharing)
  • Quit the morning meeting every day (place of communication)