Message from President and CEO

Representative Director & CEO Toshiyuki Miura

Contributing to the modernization of management through visualization of people and organizations

How will we respond to the coming changes in the business environment? All companies face this challenge.And what is accelerating this is the labor force problem of a declining birthrate and aging population.The last time the effective job offer multiple exceeded 1.0 was in 2014. The labor shortage has rapidly grown in just several years.

How can people who work there be motivated to work, and what kind of system could be introduced to increase productivity?What was most lacking in the decision to resolve these issues was a grasp of the facts on which the decision was based.You can't think about those people without measuring the behavioral patterns of those who work there.For example, an interview by a supervisor creates subjectivity, but less objectivity.

Companies and businesses have increased their accuracy through "quantification and visualization.There are many quantification, visualization, and analysis tools for "things" and "money", and they have been used to modernize management.And the only thing left to quantify and visualize is "people and organization".

It is our desire to help our customers' management by visualizing this last management resource.

Representative Director & CEO Masahiro Izutsu